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These may be read as an accompaniment to Archaeography - the class.

My overall outlook is a focus on the material practices of both archaeology and photography. Photography is not simply about photographic images, far from it. Just as archaeology is not about the past as it happened. Both photography and archaeology are about relationships, with instruments, events, pasts brought forward by a turn, a conjunction, an act of connecting traces of the past and present interests. Both photography and archaeology are primarily mediating, translating, transforming practices.

Here is a broader argument about the dynamic materiality of media - that we do better to understand media not so much now in terms of their (supposed) defining material form (paint, print, text, film, TV, sound) but as distinctive "modes of engagement".

Archaeologists work on what is left of the past. They are interested in sites and things. They conduct fieldwork and collect things as evidence.

So this is what, for me, connects archaeology and photography:


Just as archaeologists actively work on the past (rather than passively discover it), photography is better thought as photo-work.

So I am especially interested in experiment with imaging, rather than abstract theory and critique. Project-based iteration - not theorizing, but working through the issues practically, materially, experimentally (and hence the notion behind my "meta"-media lab. Experiment in order to develop practical know-how, tacit knowledges (to be unpacked, yes).

Here are some features of photography that I work on:

Why do I experiment with photography?

What is the point?

a new archaeological poetics

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The archaeological imagination

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