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Posted at Aug 12/2009 12:00PM:
twm: Michael, this is the final version that I have - it still needs the addition of 6 refs from you (and see p.17). Otherwise, I went through again for copyedits and it is otherwise ready to go. (You may have sent Sheila a version with these added back in the spring, but if so I wasn't cc'd on it so I don't have it.) I found your Fig.4 so I attach (6x4@300dpi). But can't track down remaining. Ring if there is confusion. Best Tim

The Chapter: A Political Economy of Visual Media in Archaeology

The Presentation: for Visualizing Knowledge Seminar

Manuscript Matter:

Document IconShanks-Webmoor-final-08:10:09.docx

Document IconFigure4.tif

Document IconFigure5.tif

Document IconFigure6.tif


Posted at Sep 30/2008 03:34PM:
Admin: title

Representation, remediation and the political economy of media in archaeology: examples from antiquarianism and new media

Working Chapter

Posted at Sep 08/2008 01:45PM:

Posted at Sep 08/2008 01:44PM:
Admin: V-R - critique of 3-D

Posted at Sep 08/2008 01:38PM:
Admin: representation fallacy i.e. that media are primarily about mimesis

Posted at Sep 08/2008 01:37PM:
Admin: correspondence theory - key assumption that needs to be unpacked

Posted at Sep 08/2008 01:35PM:
Admin: Political Economy of Media

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